Praise and Reviews

For the book—praise from readers and reviewers:

A beautifully executed exploration of the human heart — its strength, resiliency and infinite capacity to love. —Hal Corley, Emmy Award winning writer and playwright

Kathleen Buckstaff has a big heart and a truth-telling spirit. She spins an intergenerational story about grandparents, parents and children who are glued together by generosity and love. Her book will sweep you to the center of her family’s joys and tragedies. . . . The Tiffany Box is just plain wonderful. —Paola Gianturco, author of Grandmother Power

Embracing both her vulnerability and strength, Kathleen Buckstaff reaches into the soul and opens a precious door that brings to life her grandmother’s truth, “You’ve got to touch to love.” In sharing that truth, Kathleen and The Tiffany Box teach us an ultimate truth, “There was so much pain, because there was so much love.”  Elegant. Beautiful. Compelling. —Rev. Doug Huneke, chaplain and author

Selected as a note-worthy book by Women Magazine:

Kathleen Buckstaff’s memoir, The Tiffany Box, offers a glimpse into the common and bittersweet experience of balancing motherhood with the passing of one’s own parent—that time when new life and young life converge with the end of life, accompanied by all the intensity, heartbreak, and joy those events entail. . . .an intimate portrait of family life saturated in love and loss.

Book Review by Karen Davis Barr, Raising Arizona Kids

It’s been many years since I’ve made it a priority to carve out enough time in a 24-hour period to truly savor a book. The Tiffany Box left me no choice. From the moment I dove in, I was captivated….Sections where the storytelling is done by email or diary post have a sense of intimacy and urgency that is often painful to read, but leave us wishing we could count ourselves among Buckstaff’s most trusted friends.

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For the play—praise from audience members:

A captivating performance. We loved “The Tiffany Box!” —Greg H.

I was truly moved by your powerful performance at The Marsh. The subject of relationships between mothers and daughters is one we all think about and live with throughout our lives. I felt you touched on so many facets of that most important of relationships with a sensitivity that was both moving and enlightening. While I shed many tears during the play, I left The Marsh with a very positive sense of the importance of connection not only with our mothers but to everyone we love. A sensitive and insightful performance. I truly loved it. —Mimi C.

What a wonderful, moving performance. It brought back so many memories. You helped me understand the feelings I had when I lost my beautiful sister last June. Thank you for sharing with all of us. —Barb M.