Books by Kathleen Buckstaff

The Tiffany Box, a memoir

A USA Best Book Awards Finalist

Through treasured e-mails, letters and diary entries, Kathleen Buckstaff recreates her life as a mother of young children. We follow her as she gets her first big break writing for the Los Angeles Times about her children, her husband and their dog, Rosie. Kathleen’s stories hit home with many readers and the Los Angeles Times offers her a sweet deal to pen more columns. Writing with a rare and honest voice, Kathleen shares moments such as trying on foam bellies in a maternity dressing room, her children tricking the tooth fairy and using chocolate to bribe her mother to babysit. Then, unexpectedly, her vibrant mother becomes ill, and Kathleen must learn how to be a mother to her own mom.

Kathleen shows the humor, hard work, insanity, love and joy that are involved in being a mother and a caretaker. This is a book full of wisdom and insight into how to live life well.

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Mother Advice To Take With You To College:
Humor, Inspiration and Wisdom To Go

In Mother Advice To Take With You To College: Humor, Inspiration and Wisdom To Go, Kathleen Buckstaff, award-winning author, former Los Angeles Times humor columnist, and mother of three children, shares wise and humorous illustrations and stories that are full of truth and love.

With over 65 illustrations, Kathleen uses line drawings to talk to her son about hygiene, how to love someone, being loyal, overcoming adversity, drinking, the importance of exercise, good friends, the beauty of nature and many other essential life subjects.

Told in an open and loving voice, Mother Advice To Take With You To College is a book that will make feel grateful Kathleen approaches topics many avoid. You will laugh out loud, cry and feel the power and wisdom of motherly love.

This is a book parents will want to read long before their children leave home. It is also a book every college bound child will want to memorize. A perfect gift for any parent or graduate.