Anniversary Spots

tulipsA week before our 20th wedding anniversary, my husband took a business trip to Florida.  Dan had dinner one night with a group of men at a restaurant called City Fish overlooking Tampa Bay.  He later told me that the subject of our anniversary came up.  Dan said the men were impressed he had been married so long– most had been divorced, a few had remarried and one had never married.

“What’s your secret?” one had asked.

Dan told me that when he leaned in and whispered his secret, every man at the table gasped.

“They stopped eating,” he said, “They even stopped drinking.”

“What did you say?” I asked wanting to know the secret, his secret, our secret.

“I can’t tell you,” he said.

“Why?”  I asked.

“You might get mad.”

I looked at him.

“Now I really need to know what you said.” […]

New Drivers

miniThere’s something about having a teen driver in the family that puts me on edge.

“Call when you arrive at school,” I yell to my 16-year-old daughter as she heads out the door in the morning.

“Mom,” she says.  But she still calls when she gets there.  She’s probably concerned I’ll take away her cell phone if she doesn’t call.  Despite all the obvious uses for a cell phone, I consider it a line to me, to reassure me that she’s fine or if she isn’t that I will pick her up anywhere, anytime. I love cell phones for teenagers.  I consider it an extension of the umbilical chord. […]