For the Dogs

water balloonsMy boys made a giant sling-shot to launch water balloons over the lake.  They built it using bungee cords, a funnel and two giant poles they secured to the ground.

They purchased water balloons and spent hours filling and launching balloons–– sometimes at nothing, sometimes at each other and sometimes at pretty girls on rafts.

Boy heaven.

The other day my youngest son and I were going for a swim.  It was hot at last after a summer of cold days.  The sun was shining.  We dove in, delighted to cool off, but still surprised by how cold the water was that lurked under the top six inches.

We quickly determined if we floated on our backs the water was all warm.  Our dog, Buddy, a100-pound male Labrador retriever, sat on the dock and watched us.  He had a summer lifeguard disposition as he casually tracked our movements but he was more inclined to […]

Four Days ‘Till Graduation But She’s Already Gone

Graduation CapsThe message on my voicemail is getting familiar.  “This is the attendance office calling to notify you that your child was marked absent during the following periods….”

When my high-school senior called during school hours, I could tell from the background noise that she wasn’t at school.

“Where are you?” I asked.

There was a pause.

“I’m in the city shopping for swimsuits,” she said.  “We’re allowed five unexcused absences.”

I remembered her learning to count.

When I began to fret, her freshman brother tried to comfort me, “She’s an angel compared to other seniors, mom.”

“I’m still her mother,” I said to him.

The craziness of Senior Spring is upon us–– that attitude of “we’re out of here soon, so let’s live for today” is what keeps mothers awake.  Ask most adults and they remember […]

Danger Reef

Danger Reef copyWhile on vacation in the Bahamas, we went to a dive sight called “Danger Reef.”  The reef got its name because of its location—at least this is what my husband told me to lessen my fears.  He said that a long time ago ships didn’t know the reef was there and crashed into it, thus the name.  But I knew better.  Danger Reef was famous because it was known as a shark dive, and my teenagers were excited to tie up to a buoy in the middle of the ocean and jump in the water with sharks.

As one of my children recently explained to me, “Mom, I don’t worry about much because you do it for me.” […]

water girl

two pieces of toastHow does one write about one’s most embarrassing moment? The thing you did that you bury deep, hide, don’t even tell yourself because you can’t believe you ever did it?  Today while writing in my morning journal, I felt sadness in my chest, buried deep there, hidden.  But it was asking to be felt.

What are you? I asked.

I am sadness that you allowed me to do something that was demeaning—that teachers, parents, and coaches, didn’t say, “No, this isn’t an appropriate role for you.”

As a sophomore at a prep school in New England, I was required to participate in a spring sport.  To fulfill this requirement, it was also possible to volunteer as a water girl for the boys’ varsity lacrosse team.  A friend of mine and I signed up thinking we had beat the system—we didn’t have to exercise and we could watch cute boys play lacrosse.  All we had to do was take ice bags to practice and […]