When someone you love has terminal cancer…

Pretty flowersA few months ago, I read a lovely email a friend shared with me from her family doctor.  My friend’s husband had just been diagnosed with a terminal cancer and the doctor wrote, “We are all on the same path towards life’s end.  Your husband is a bit ahead of us and we lament this and the loss you are experiencing now and as time goes by.”

She and I spoke on the phone and I admired her courageous spirit.  I shared with her advice a friend had given to me when my mom was told that her cancer was terminal.  The advice felt a bit like having cold water thrown in my face, but it helped me […]

Quotes about Life

quotes about love

quotes about love

At the conclusion of my last book reading of my memoir The Tiffany Box, I tried something new.  I’ve received many questions about how I gather so many quotes about life.  I decided to share my method for gathering inspiring quotes, cute quotes, happiness quotes, funny jokes, quotes about love and motivational quotes.  I took out a black, plastic index card file that I purchased at Staples for $2.99 and a handful of 3” x 5” notecards.

“This is my secret,” I said and held up a handful of cards.  “I keep notecards in my purse, my backpack, my pockets, and my car.  If I don’t have notecards, and I want to write down happy quotes or inspiring quotes, I use whatever is available.  This means I jot down notes on receipts, school flyers and church programs.”

I have found that if I have a camera in my hand, I am more likely to take pictures.  This is true with notecards.  If I have notecards all around me, I am more likely to write down quotes that people say that make me laugh or inspire me.

I shared a few of the quotes from my index box with the audience.  It didn’t take us long to start laughing.  […]

How to write a condolence letter, 5 suggestions

Flower stampsMy book The Tiffany Box, a memoir was released a few weeks ago, and since then I have received several emails from readers expressing how grateful they are that I included several condolence letters that were sent to me after my mom passed away in my book.  Each reader liked seeing examples of sympathy cards.

Who knows what to say when someone dies?  Often, not knowing what to say, we put off writing the note and eventually don’t say anything.  The intention to write is there, but what to say isn’t easy or obvious.

I decided to write a blog post on writing a condolence letter.  This is a list of suggestions.  […]

quotes about life from a little man wearing a bow tie

Mt. Tam in my rear view mirrorI was in the parking lot at Book Passage in Corte Madera early Wednesday morning. I dropped my son off at school and was sitting in my car waiting to go into a yoga class.  As I ate my son’s toast crust, I could see Mt. Tam in my rear view mirror, tall and beautiful.

Twelve hours earlier I had been in the same parking lot trying to find a parking space.  Every space was taken and there was a long line for the complimentary valet.   The lot at the DMV was full next door.  I could see people pouring in from neighboring streets.  Eventually, with the help of an older man directing me, I parked parallel beside a dumpster.

People were flooding in­­– like sticks bouncing along a gentle stream.  They were already smiling and David Sedaris hadn’t even begun to speak.

David Sedaris was going to read from his new book Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls at Book Passage at 7 PM.  We parted seas and came, hundreds of us, from school, from work, from home.  […]