Thoughts on Letting Go and Bereavement

photo (30)I recently was reading an autobiography written by the country western singer Naomi Judd called “Love Can Build a Bridge.”  In her book, Naomi describes what she believes is an essential trait to happiness—an ability to overcome loss.  When I read this quality, I stopped and put the book down.  There are many traits and habits I’ve attempted to develop in myself over the years—exercising regularly, eating more fruits and vegetables, saying prayers in the morning– but this was a new way of phrasing something I struggle with.  I hold on.  I don’t let go easily.  […]

Advice to a friend whose mom has cancer

I spoke with a dear friend of mine today.  Her mother has cancer and has an 8-hour surgery scheduled for later this week.  My friend confessed she’d spent most of the weekend taking out her fear and frustration on her husband.

“I feel terrible,” she said.  “I was terrible to him.”

She and I made a pact and I asked her if I could write about it and she said yes. […]

What is love? Listening.

One aspect of loving people in our lives better comes from being able to listen.   I attended a workshop at Spirit Rock Meditation Center a few years ago and one of the teachers was an author name David Richo.  At the workshop, there were two full tables of books David Richo had written.  I was inspired by his gentle way, purchased several of his books, went home and read them. One idea David Richo created many books around is how to listen.


Gifts from those who are living with a serious illness

gathering oral biography from people we love

To Our Children's Children, Preserving Family Histories for Generations to ComeMany years ago, a friend gave my mom a book as a gift— I recently read the inscription on the inside title page “You will undoubtedly have many colorful answers to the following dialogue! Merry Christmas 1997.”  I found this book on my mom’s shelf after she was told her cancer was terminal. In the end, my mom was in the hospital for several months and then eventually moved home to be under Hospice care. The book is called To Our Children’s Children, Preserving Family Histories for Generations to Come by Bob Greene and D. G. Fulford.

This book proved to be a complete gem.  It is a book full of questions about […]