Kathleen Buckstaff: Author, Columnist, ArtistKathleen Buckstaff is an award-winning author, columnist, performance artist, cartoonist and photographer. Her columns have been published in The Huffington Post, the Los Angeles Times, The Arizona Republic, The Sun Literary Magazine and The San Francisco Chronicle.

Kathleen is working on a new book for teenage girls called GET SAVVY: Things No One Told Me When I Was A Girl. By sharing a series of letters she’s written to a teenage girl about her own experience with sexual assault at a New England prep school, Kathleen initiates a series of pivotal conversations that combine true stories with helpful advice. Throughout GET SAVVY, Kathleen weaves in 63 interviews she’s conducted with college students, recent graduates and professionals who share insights, experiences, wisdom and tips. GET SAVVY will be released in 2017. Click here to learn more.

In 2010, Kathleen created a one-woman play “The Tiffany Box, a love remembered” from her own private emails, letters, published columns and diary entries. She performed the play to sold-out theatres in San Francisco, Phoenix and NYC.  Kathleen expanded the play into a book called The Tiffany Box, a memoir which was released in May of 2013 and was honored as a USA BEST BOOK AWARDS finalist.

Kathleen’s book Mother Advice To Take With You To College: Humor, Inspiration and Wisdom To Go was released in March of 2014. The book contains over 65 line drawings as well as inspirational and practical advice.

Private clients have collected Kathleen’s Fine Art Photographs for over a decade. Her photographs were made available to a wider audience in April of 2014.

Kathleen has a BA in Creative Writing from Stanford and a MA in Journalism from Stanford. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, their three children and their dog, Lily.

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Kathleen Buckstaff has a big heart and a truth-telling spirit. She spins an intergenerational story about grandparents, parents and children who are glued together by generosity and love. Her book will sweep you to the center of her family’s joys and tragedies. . . . The Tiffany Box is just plain wonderful.”

—Paola Gianturco, author of Grandmother Power