The Tiffany Box front book coverAbout The Tiffany Box

Through treasured e-mails, letters and diary entries, Kathleen Buckstaff recreates her life as a mother of young children. We follow her as she gets her first big break writing for the Los Angeles Times about her children, her husband and their dog, Rosie.

Kathleen’s stories hit home with many readers and the Los Angeles Times offers her a sweet deal to pen more columns. Writing with a rare and honest voice, Kathleen shares moments such as trying on foam bellies in a maternity dressing room, her children tricking the tooth fairy and using chocolate to bribe her mother to babysit. Then, unexpectedly, her vibrant mother becomes ill, and Kathleen must learn how to be a mother to her own mom.

Kathleen shows the humor, hard work, insanity, love and joy that are involved in being a mother and a caretaker. This is a book full of wisdom and insight into how to live life well.

Kathleen Buckstaff offers a gem of truth on every page.

The Tiffany Box was originally a one-woman play. Kathleen performed the play to sold-out theatres in Phoenix and San Francisco. She performed the play again in New York City as part of the 2011 United Solo Festival, and The Tiffany Box was selected as one of the most outstanding plays.

Praise from an audience member:

[The Tiffany Box] was brilliant, poignant, moving and very touching to me. It reminded me of Wit by Margaret Edson — also about life and death and cancer but told from the perspective of the patient. Her themes of love, humanity and relationships leading to a fulfilled life resonated with me as did The Tiffany Box.” — Coral K.